This week, we chat with Mirjam, aka Ms. Finny, an acclaimed lifestyle and travel blogger. We discover the story behind her success and get a taste of her best culinary experiences as we explore her world of travel and adventure. Join us for an insightful and inspiring conversation with the talented Ms. Finny.

1. How did you become a digital creator and get to where you are today?

I actually didn’t plan on becoming a creator – I studied law, so I was planning on a totally different career path. I started sharing my travels and lifestyle online just for fun, but somehow my number of followers grew pretty quickly (back then it was so much easier to grow on IG). At some point hotels and brands started reaching out to me and I quickly decided this is what I want to do as my main source of income. A decision I never regretted!

2. Focusing on gourmet dining this month, can you tell us about some of your best experiences you have had and where they were?

In my experience, some of the best places to dine at are wellness hotels in the Austrian and Italian Alps. They usually have half-board offers, where a fine dining menu is included. Some of my recent favourites were Hotel Bergfried and Hotel Post Lermoos. In my hometown Munich, my top recommendation for gourmet dining would be the Schwarzreiter Gourmet Restaurant (1 Michelin star), which is located inside the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel.

3. What is your favourite and least favourite part of your job?

My favourite thing about my job is that I get to discover so many exciting new places and cultures and at the same time I am completely flexible regarding my time and place of work. Plus, I get to be super creative!

My least favourite part is that travelling in my case is not only about relaxing and enjoying the moment, but actually involves a lot of stress and work. As a creator, you have to plan everything in detail (from shooting locations to matching outfits), get up at 6am to shoot when places are empty and will always stress about getting the perfect shot. That can be exhausting sometimes ;-(

4. List the top 3 countries on your bucket list and why?

My bucket list changes pretty often, but I would say at the moment my top three countries are Oman (because I am absolutely fascinated by the Arabic culture and the desert), French Polynesia and the Bahamas (do I really need to give a reason here?! 😉).

5. What does your daily work routine look like?

This depends a lot on whether I am at home or travelling. When I’m home my daily work mainly consists in responding to emails, reviewing contracts & collaborations, writing invoices, editing pictures from previous trips, posting and being active on Instagram and, of course, planning upcoming travels.

When I’m travelling my day usually starts pretty early with 1-2 photoshoots, then I have breakfast and start sorting through the pictures and edit them. In the afternoon I will try to relax a bit, explore the country and maybe do some more content production. The evenings are usually spent with editing work and catching up on emails/administrative work.

6. Tell us why you love what you do.

Because I get to travel to amazing places and hotels, discover new cultures and meet great people in the process. Plus, I just love to do creative work! This job makes me feel so happy and fulfilled 😊

7. Do you have any exciting trips coming up and could you tell us more?

In the next 3-4 months I have planned trips to Kitzbühel & Berchtesgaden (with Kempinski), to Venice (with Hyatt Centric), to South-Tyrol and to London. I will soon start choosing some more exciting destinations for fall and winter. I am currently considering Rome, Sicily, Madrid, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman and maybe the Seychelles or Maldives again!

8. Your top gourmet restaurant recommendations and why

My number one top gourmet restaurant recommendation is Taiko. They have two outlets (one in Amsterdam and one in Dubai) and I can guarantee you: their creations will completely blow your mind! Hands down the best culinary experience I’ve had in my life. The Shisha Sushi and Wagyu are just out of this world. The two restaurants alone are a reason to travel to either of these places asap!

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