A Sit Down with Stefan Breuer of Makumu Private Game Lodge

This week we sit down with the owner of Makumu Private Game Lodge, Stefan Breuer to discover more about this incredible Game Lodge destination.

Please give us a short introduction about you and your journey to Makumu Private Game Lodge

1. Please give us a short introduction about you and your journey to Makumu Private Game Lodge.

Stefan Breuer, a German native who currently resides in Ascona and South Africa, has gained the moniker of "Barefoot Bushman" due to his constant lack of shoes, whether in Africa, Switzerland or anywhere in the world. After years of visiting and embracing Africa's authentic essence, Stefan has become free without effort. His ownership of Seven Group in Ascona and enthusiastic attitude reflect his belief that his journey has only just begun.

2. Could you tell us more about the history and background of Makumu Private Game Lodge?

With the help of his family and a great support team, Stefan's dream transformed into a reality. Every detail mattered to him, from the sunset lighting on the lodge to the stunning vistas visible from each culturally-inspired room, and even to the wooden walkways that interconnect the entire lodge. His envisioned "Endless View" is now Makumu Private Game Lodge.

As A Safari Lodge Destination, what makes Makumu Private Game Lodge Special?

3. As A Safari Lodge Destination, what makes Makumu Private Game Lodge Special?

Makumu Private Game Lodge is considered a special safari lodge destination for several reasons, including its:

Location: Makumu offers endless views, which is also the meaning of the name Makumu, due to its unique location atop a hill within the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. This reserve is renowned for its thriving wildlife, and visitors to Makumu can expect to witness a wide range of diverse and abundant animal species.

Luxury and Comfort: The lodge offers a luxurious and comfortable stay, with spacious suites and amenities like air conditioning, wooden decks, hammocks, and outdoor showers. Moreover, to preserve the authentic feeling of the bush, the lodge is illuminated by night with over 300 candles, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Personalized Service: The lodge ensures personalized and attentive service throughout your stay.

Wildlife Experiences: Makumu offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, with guided Big 5 game drives and bush walks that allow you to see and learn about the animals and plants of the reserve. As the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve limits the number of vehicles allowed, you can experience the original safari spirit and enjoy the tranquility of the reserve while spotting the wildlife.

Sustainability: The lodge is committed to sustainable tourism practices, minimizing its impact on the environment and supporting local communities.

All of these factors contribute to a memorable and unique safari experience for visitors to Makumu Private Game Lodge.

4. Working at an incredible establishment such as this, could you give us some insight into your day-to-day?

Working at a lodge like Makumu Private Game Lodge can be an exciting and ever-changing experience. Every day is different, and it all depends on what the bush surprises us with, as well as the guests who come to visit. One day, you might be leading a safari drive and spot a pride of lions on the prowl, while the next day you might be helping a group of guests track a rare bird species.

The unpredictability of each day is what makes working at a lodge like Makumu so unique. You never know what to expect, but you can always count on it being an adventure. Furthermore, the guests who come to Makumu are always interesting and special in their own way, which makes the experience even more unique. You might get to share stories and learn from people from all over the world, making for an enriching and fulfilling work environment.

Overall, working at a lodge like Makumu Private Game Lodge is a special opportunity to be fully immersed in nature and wildlife while interacting with fascinating people from diverse backgrounds. The dynamic nature of each day keeps things exciting and guarantees that you will never experience a routine workday. Moreover, guests often arrive as strangers but leave as family, becoming part of the Makumu Family through the warm and welcoming environment and personalized service provided by the lodge.

 What are your favourite aspects of Makumu Private Game Lodge?

5. What are your favourite aspects of Makumu Private Game Lodge?

Wildlife and nature: Makumu Private Game Lodge is located in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, offering guests the chance to witness the stunning African bush and its magnificent wildlife up close through exhilarating safari drives and walks. It's worth noting that the reserve strictly limits the number of game vehicles allowed, providing a more exclusive and authentic safari experience.

iThumbela: Guests have the unique opportunity to capture stunning photographs of the wildlife from the comfort of the Photographic bunker, called iThumbela. This underground hide offers a fantastic view of a watering hole, where animals come to drink, providing the perfect chance to capture incredible photos of various species. The bunker is equipped with comfortable seating, camera rests, and power outlets, ensuring that photographers have everything they need for a memorable wildlife photography experience.

Accommodation: The lodge offers luxurious accommodation, with each room designed to reflect African culture and art, while also providing modern amenities.

Dining: Makumu's dining experience offers guests the opportunity to enjoy delicious African-inspired cuisine in a unique and romantic setting.

Location: The lodge is located in a peaceful and secluded area, providing guests with a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Staff: Many guests have praised the friendly and attentive staff who make their stay at Makumu feel special.

What goes into the creation of a successful experience for a guest at Makumu Private Game Lodge

6. What goes into the creation of a successful experience for a guest at Makumu Private Game Lodge?

Creating a successful experience for guests at Makumu Private Game Lodge involves several key factors. Personalized service is essential, and guests always feel welcomed and cared for from the moment they arrive at Makumu. Our management and staff are extremely attentive to their needs and desires, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure they have an enjoyable stay. Comfortable accommodation is also crucial, with rooms that are clean, well-equipped, and provide guests with a relaxing and peaceful environment to retreat to after a long day of safari drives and activities. The lodge's dining experience are also exceptional, with delicious and creative cuisine that reflects the flavors of Africa. Finally, offering guests exhilarating safari drives, bush walks, and other activities that showcase the African bush and its magnificent wildlife is an essential aspect of providing a memorable and fulfilling experience at Makumu Private Game Lodge.

7. How do you and the team keep such impeccable luxury standards while keeping the at one with the nature and the outdoors feeling?

Makumu Private Game Lodge is renowned for its exceptional luxury standards, which are carefully balanced with a deep commitment to the natural environment. The lodge achieves this by blending thoughtful design, attention to detail, and sustainability. The lodge's design features natural materials and African-inspired decor to foster a connection with nature, while personalized service ensures that guests have an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the lodge's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through the use of solar power and a comprehensive waste management program. Additionally, at night, the lodge is illuminated by the warm glow of over 300 candles, further enhancing the magical and authentic atmosphere of the African bush.

 Any exciting plans Makumu Private Game Lodge in 2023?

8. Any exciting plans Makumu Private Game Lodge in 2023?

Exciting new experiences are on the horizon at Makumu Private Game Lodge! Keep an eye out for updates on unique offerings that will take your “Out of Africa” adventure to the next level. With surprises in store, you won't want to miss what we have planned for our guests this year. Stay tuned for more exciting developments at Makumu Private Game Lodge.

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