This week, we sit down with Kiree's Head Chef; Nattanan Deeruang to hear more about the happenings behind the scenes for a Bistro in such a beautiful location.

Kiree's Head Chef; Nattanan Deeruang
Traditional European cuisine on the shores of Thailand, how did the concept for Kiree come to the fore?
Our chefs are specialized for Thai Southern cuisine. We aim to elevate our local ingredients and cooking techniques to the world by communicating through our food. To make it easy to understand our food we ought to combine what we have locally and what we can do with our techniques to express the concept of Kiree to the customers.
Where did your love for food originate from?
It originated from my childhood. I used to stay home alone watching cooking shows on television. I am a big fan of every cooking show back then and now. Then I just find that it is in my consciousness.
What do you feel are the reasons for success at Kiree?
The key reasons for the success of Kiree are that you need to have fun while cooking. Team members’ relationship, we share the same passion & same goal. We fully trust each other, when facing challenges.
Could you tell us a bit more about the menu curation of Kiree?
Each menu has a 4 months cycle to match with seasonal local ingredients in Thailand. Using local and seasonal ingredients to reflect the freshness each season with Thai southern cooking techniques to create our own signature taste and plating.
What do you believe makes Kiree the Bistro a must-visit destination for diners?
The way we combine our cooking techniques with local Southern Thai ingredients along with the beautiful scene of the Gulf of Thailand are the key factors that make Kiree a must-visit desti- nation.
Who do you look up to in the industry?
I look up to everyone in the industry and adapt the overall ideas as an inspiration then create my own style of cooking and plating.
What goes into creating a successful menu?
Creativity and having good knowledge about the local ingredients and techniques within the team.
What does the future hold for Kiree the Bistro?
We surely want to be more successful and become the best restaurant in Koh Samui. In order to achieve that point, we aim to do what we do best at the moment by creating satisfaction to the customers through our cooking.
Kiree's Head Chef; Nattanan Deeruang

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